What Does a Tattoo of a Five-Pointed Star Mean?

A five-pointed star is a popular tattoo design with many different meanings. Because tattoo meanings are so incredibly personal, each person’s interpretation of the star will be different. The symbolism is also influenced by how the star is depicted.

The nautical star is a popular five-pointed star tattoo design. The five arms of the nautical star alternate between light and dark colouring. The star recalls celestial bodies and the compass rose on a map, both of which are significant navigational aids, and has a long history among sailors.

As a result, the star serves as a metaphor for safety, direction, and finding one’s way. Although it has been embraced by the homosexual and punk rock scenes in recent times, it is still a significant means of finding one’s life’s purpose for many people working in the military and in the maritime industry.

Shooting stars are a symbol of fortune or a once-in-a-lifetime significant occurrence.

The pentagram, a five-pointed star with connecting lines, is the second most popular star design for tattoos. Depending on the wearer, the connotation can change dramatically. A common symbol used by pagans to represent earth, air, fire, water, and spirit is a pentagram with one point facing upwards that is encircled by a circle.

The circle of life or the flow of energy is symbolised when a circle surrounds a pentagram to make a pentacle. In the past, Christians have also used the pentagram as a symbol; the pentagram’s five points stand for Christ’s five wounds. As the emblem of the Church of Satan, a pentagram with one point pointing downward is associated with Satanism.

The points here resemble the horns, ears, and muzzle of a goat. Additionally, inverted pentagrams are frequently used in Masonry, especially by the Order of the Eastern Star. The Medal of Honor’s symbol is by far the most illustrious application of the downward-facing pentagram in military history.


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