What Does 14K GE ESPO Mean?

The abbreviation 14K GE ESPO refers to the craftsmanship and designer of jewellery. The 14K signifies that the gold in the item has a 14-carat purity. GE indicates that the coating of gold is electroplated onto the base metal. ESPO denotes that Joseph Esposito designed the jewellery.

Pure gold is 24 carats, but because it is too soft, it is rarely used to make jewellery. Adding other substances to gold makes it harder and more durable, but it also diminishes its value. 14 carat gold is composed of 14 parts gold and 10 parts another metal. Using an electrical current, electroplating adheres a tiny layer of gold to the base metal. For a piece of jewellery to be labelled as gold electroplated, the gold layer must be at least 0.175 microns, or roughly 7 millionths of an inch, thick, according to FTC regulations.

The Esposito Sterling Signatures series of jewellery was designed by Joseph Esposito and is offered only on the QVC television network and website. His ancestry includes four generations of jewellers. Joseph’s great-grandfather relocated the family business from Italy to Rhode Island in 1911. Joseph Esposito manages the business and controls the jewellery lines’ design.


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