What Do You Call a Group of Foxes?

A skulk, leash, or earth is a group of foxes. The word “skulk” can be used for any animal that is considered a pest, but it is most often used for foxes, which are considered pests in Europe and Great Britain because of how many of them there are.

Most of the time, “skulk” means to wait, hide, or sneak around. It comes from old Scandinavian words that meant to slack off, take it easy, or skip school. When being chased, foxes are known for running into holes or up trees to avoid being caught.

This may be why the word “skulk” is often used to describe a group of them. It’s important to know that foxes don’t usually hang out in groups. Foxes are usually thought of as solitary animals. They may make a family when their young are very young, but they don’t usually travel in packs like wolves do.


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