What Do Tigers Eat in the Rainforest?

Tigers are carnivores, and their rainforest diet includes monkeys, wild oxen, boars, antelopes, and other birds. Tigers like murdering young, frail, or elderly animals because they cannot flee as rapidly and are frequently left alone by the rest of their herd.

Tigers sometimes feed on other predators, including coyotes, foxes, bears, sloth bears, crocodiles, and even leopards, due to competition for food. Even young elephants and rhinoceroses may be consumed. When a tiger wanders into a human community, it may feast on domesticated birds and animals. Tigers only consume humans when they are hungry or feel threatened.

Bengal tigers inhabit the tropical rainforests of India, Bhutan, China, Indonesia, and Bangladesh; however, the majority of the population lives in deciduous woods and grasslands. The Bengal tiger is one of the largest of its species and has deeper stripes and fur than other tigers. Their striped coats, when combined with the shadow of the trees, let them to blend in with the forest floor. They have soft, cushioned paws and retractable claws, allowing them to creep up and attack prey more rapidly and stealthily. Bengal tigers possess nocturnal vision, which they inherited from their forebears with saber-toothed canines. Their exceptional night vision permits them to hunt for food day and night.


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