What Do Russian People Look Like?

People from different parts of Russia and different ethnic groups have different looks. Genealogists say that ethnic Russians look a lot like Poles, Ukrainians, and Slovenians. They have light skin, thin lips, narrow brows, and wide-tipped noses that stick out. Most Russian hair is either ash brown or dark blonde, and it is either straight or has a few waves. Russians don’t have as much curly hair as other people. Most of the time, they are average or above-average height.

Because of where they came from, Northern and Southern Russians look a little bit different. People in the north of Russia have more Finnish roots and traits, while people in the south have more German roots and traits. Countries in eastern Slavic have ancestors in common.

People from the south of Russia tend to be darker than people from the north. People from the south tend to have darker hair and eyes. People from the south of Russia are more likely to have prominent cheek bones than people from the north, but people from both regions have angular faces.

European Journal of Human Genetics on Nature.com says that, as a whole, Russians are taller and heavier than Asians. People from Russia have the same muscular build as people from other Slavic countries.

Most of the differences in how Russian people look come from where they come from or where they live, but most Russians have light skin, light hair and eyes, and above-average builds.


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