What Distinguishes an LR44 Battery from a 357 Battery?

The LR44 is an alkaline battery, whereas the 357 is a silver oxide battery. In comparison to the LR44 battery, the 357 battery has a longer usable life and offers a more stable voltage level over time. In addition, the 357 battery costs more than the LR44.

The materials and chemical processes used by the LR44 and 357 batteries, respectively, to produce energy, are different. Performance-wise, the silver oxide 357 battery outperforms the alkaline LR44. Until its chemical energy is nearly exhausted, the 357 battery maintains a constant voltage of around 1.55 volts, after which the voltage drops sharply. Over the course of its discharge lifetime, the voltage of the LR44 alkaline battery decreases steadily.

Despite the fact that the manufacturer’s stated capacity ratings in milliamp-hours may seem more comparable, the 357 has around twice the usable capacity of the LR44. Even if greater electrochemical capacity is still there, the LR44’s faster rate of voltage reduction can cause the voltage to drop too low to properly run a device.

Although the LR44 and 357 batteries can be used interchangeably in most situations, precision callipers and select watches benefit from the 357’s ability to maintain a steady voltage. The greater usable capacity of the 357 is advantageous for devices with higher energy requirements.


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