What Did Sigmund Freud Say About the Irish?

Regarding the Irish, Freud was quoted as saying, “This is one race for which psychoanalysis is completely useless.” However, as the Freud Museum in London notes, there is no evidence that Freud actually said this, despite the fact that it is mentioned in “The Departed.”

Freud utilised psychoanalysis to gain insight into a person’s thoughts, emotions, perceptions, memories, and decisions. His psychoanalysis therapy was derived and based on the psychoanalysis therapy developed by Dr. Josef Breuer. Psychoanalysis is a component of psychology, but it is not the entirety of psychology, and there are other different treatment techniques in psychology today.

Freud attended the University of Vienna prior to his employment at the Vienna General Hospital. Then he studied under the renowned Parisian neurologist Jean Charcot. In 1885, he opened his first practise treating patients with brain and nerve problems. A few years later, Freud developed one of his most well-known theories regarding the unconscious human drives of an aggressive and sexual type that are in conflict. Freud would next create his theory of the ego and the id.


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