What Dangers Do Cornstarches Pose to Your Health?

Consuming cornstarch poses health hazards such as weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, anaemia, constipation, ulcers, and teeth decay. When substantial amounts of cornstarch are consumed, these hazards rise. The medical term for a cornstarch hunger is “pica.” Amylophagia is a kind of pica marked by compulsive cornstarch intake. According to Healthy Eating, pregnant women frequently experience it.

The endosperm of the corn kernel is where cornstarch is generated from. It is frequently present in baked and fried meals and is used as a food thickening. Cornstarch is a high-calorie, low-nutrition food, claims Healthy Eating. A major cause of a hunger for cornstarch is low blood levels of iron and zinc.

A tablespoon of cornstarch contains 30 calories, however it is deficient in fibre, proteins, vitamins, and lipids. Compared to organic cornstarch, genetically modified corn has more health hazards.

Pica affects both children and adults. Eating non-food items like ice, paint, clay, and sand are signs of pica. The diagnosis of pica is made via a blood test for a mineral deficiency. Treatment for pica concentrates on altering behaviour, replacing lost minerals, and treating underlying illnesses such iron deficiency anaemia.

According to Wikipedia, amylophagia in a pregnant woman might result in premature birth and improper foetal development. An quick consultation with a healthcare professional is advised for assessment and treatment when cornstarch desire is detected.


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