What Countries Have Year-Round Schooling?

Several nations across the globe offer year-round schooling or schooling programmes. China, Japan, Nigeria, Australia, South Korea, and North Korea are among these nations. In these countries, school periods normally last 11 months on a trimester or quarter basis, with approximately one week of vacation between each term.

The term “year-round schooling” is a bit of a misnomer, as numerous countries have academic years that last nearly the entire year, with one month devoted to breaks and vacations. For instance, Japan’s school year begins in April and concludes the following March. Japan operates on a trimester calendar with pauses between each trimester. Similar to the United States, the school year in Australia begins in late January and concludes in mid-December. The students then get around a month and a half free before the new school year begins.

The United States has the shortest school year, beginning in early September or late August and ending in mid-June of the following year. Wyoming, Mississippi, Maine, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island are the only states that do not have a year-round schooling system. Typically, students who attend year-round schools have greater test scores and higher retention rates.


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