What Could Cause Lower Abdominal Fluttering in a Woman?

According to SteadyHealth, pregnancy is the most prevalent cause of fluttering in a woman’s lower belly. After giving birth, undergoing a related procedure, or having a miscarriage, a woman may experience fluttering that is also brought on by nerve endings. In particular when a woman has had a caesarean section, fluttering can occur when nerves and scar tissue mix, creating new nerve connections and endings. Diseases of the digestive and endocrine systems, such as acid reflux, can also induce fluttering.

According to SteadyHealth, gas, constipation, a hiatal hernia, tumours, cancer, and heartburn are additional causes of fluttering in a woman’s lower belly. Ulcers, alcoholic liver disease, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, or pancreatic problems can all cause fluttering in females.

Fluttering in a woman’s abdomen can also be brought on by parasites, gall bladder inflammation, or diverticulitis. The fluttering sensation could originate in the colon and be brought on by a cyst, a blood vessel blockage, or a rupture in an artery wall.

According to SteadyHealth, excessive exertion or exercise can result in fluttering. Poor posture and prolonged sitting can cause the abdomen of a woman to twitch and even experience severe spasms.

Women with thinner builds are often more regularly and easily able to sense arterial pulses than women with larger builds. The woman is probably sensing these vascular pulses if the fluttering matches and is similar to her heartbeat.


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