What Colors Make the Color Rust?

The colour rust is created by combining orange, red, and brown. The phrase was initially coined in 1692. It was named from the colour produced by iron’s oxidation.

Rust is the combination of various colours on a colour wheel. Using the three fundamental colours, combine yellow and blue to create green. Then adding red yields brown. When red and yellow are combined, the result is orange. Combining these primary and secondary hues produces rust.

What is Rust’s Color?

Although generally identified as a reddish hue, rust can also seem brown, orange, yellow, or even green. Rust is a colour often used in painting and decorating, but it also has scientific significance. When metals, such as rebar, are placed in a chlorine-rich atmosphere, corrosion in the low-oxygen environment causes green rust. Rust can be an aesthetically pleasing choice for a room, dress, or image.

Rust Colour Scheme

The colour light rust will contain more oranges and reds. The dark rust will contain more browns. Black can be added to rust to make it a darker shade of rust. Many large merchants, like Home Depot and Walmart, carry rust-colored paints. Other varieties of paint, including rust, are available at stores such as Michael’s and Blick.

How to Make Paint with a Rust Color

Rust-colored paint is widely available, but there are also various techniques to create rust on your own. Experimenting with reds, oranges, blacks, or yellows might help you create dark or light rust if you have brown paint. If you lack brown, blue, yellow, and red can suffice. Using the same paint brand helps facilitate colour matching.

Complementary Colors with Rust

Rust contrasts beautifully with black and white. Rust will stand out on a display or in an outfit when combined with neutral tones. Rust pairs beautifully with denim, particularly the classic “blue jean” hue. Additionally, navy, turquoise, and other blues pair well with rust. Depending on how pale or dark the rust hue is, the colours that complement it will vary.


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