What Colors Do the Seven Deadly Sins Represent?

Violet represents pride, green represents envy, red represents wrath, light blue represents sloth, yellow represents greed, orange represents gluttony, and blue represents lust. The seven deadly sins are mentioned in Dante Alighieri’s book “Divine Comedy,” written between 1265 and 1321.

Because pride caused Lucifer’s downfall, Dante considered it the first sin. All other sins, he claimed, stemmed from pride. Envy, according to Dante, is craving what others have to the point of wishing to take it away from them. He believed that anger, hatred, or fury led to other sins such as retribution, violence, and a lack of forgiveness. Sadness and indifference induced by a failing to love God and appreciate his goodness and benefits were referred to as sloth.

Greed, he argued, encouraged selfishness and consumerism, as well as blinding people to the higher joys of paradise. Gluttony is defined as excessive consuming that makes a person a slave to basic appetites and trumps one’s devotion to God. Lust, like gluttony, Dante believed, may be compulsive and interfere with one’s religious duty.

In Florence’s Piazza di Santa Croce, there is a statue of Dante. His portrait was also painted by Sandro Botticelli.


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