What Colors Do Lindt Truffles Come In?

A variety of colours, including red, purple, blue, gold, orange, and black, are used to wrap Lindt Lindor chocolate truffles. Typically, the colour of the truffle bag matches the colour of the truffle wrapper. Depending on the chocolate blend, these bags are either white, silver, or transparent.

Colorful Lindt chocolate truffle packaging corresponds to a specific taste, making it simple for customers to choose their favourites. Milk chocolate truffles have red packaging, whereas dark chocolate truffles have black packaging. Some colours wonderfully complement a particular flavour, such as chocolate mint in green wrappers and coffee in brown ones. Several types of truffles share similar colour schemes, including caramel bronze, white truffle gold, hazelnut brown, and peanut butter copper. A taste colour chart for Lindt chocolate is accessible on its website.

The minimal percentage of cocoa in Lindt chocolates ranges from 30 percent for its milk chocolate to 99 percent for their Excellence bars. A few varieties, including almond, citrus, coffee, and strawberries and cream, are not kosher. Lindt chocolates that are free of trans-fats and hydrogenated oils and prepared with skim milk and whole milk powder are available to health-conscious consumers. Some Lindt chocolates do include gluten, nuts, and soy in varying levels.


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