What Channels Are Included in Comcast Basic Cable?

Comcast is one of the largest cable TV providers in the United States, and was recently ranked third in the country (by number of customers) behind AT&T and Charter Communications. The media organisation gives customers a variety of cable TV channels based on their cable TV bundle selection.

Cable television

Since more than two decades ago, cable television has been the most comforting visual medium for Americans. Cable TV is made available to customers via a cable box that hooks up to a television set and provides a number of channels depending on the cable TV package chosen. Today, the majority of industry leaders provide more than just cable television bundles. More typically, these media businesses offer telephone service, Internet service, cable television, or a combination of all three.

Comcast Cable TV Service

Comcast currently offers (winter 2019) the following three cable TV packages under its InfinityX brand:

This basic cable plan costs $20 per month and includes the channels listed below, as well as local cable access, government, and educational channels.

C-SPAN 2 \sCW \sDiscovery
FOX \sGalavision
HSN2 Jewelry Channel
Travel Channel
TV Land
EXTRA CABLE ($60/mo) – This next cable channel package includes over 125 cable channels, including ESPN, C-SPAN, and others.

PREFERRED CABLE ($80/month) – Preferred Cable is Comcast’s premium cable TV plan, which includes the main network channels plus more than 200 extra cable channels, such as Food Network, Speed (cars), and more.

Prices and accessible channels vary across the United States’ regions.

Bundled Packages

Customers of Comcast can also purchase phone, Internet, and television service bundles for a single payment. These bundles also include Comcast’s Xfinity on Demand streaming service, which enables customers to stream Xfinity content on a variety of personal electronic devices.

The prices for these packaged packages vary around the United States, but below are the general details.

Chicago, Illinois:

Digital Starter TV

DIGITAL STARTER TV: $60 per month for 12 months. Contains over 125 digital channels, including History, Fox Sports, and MSBNC. This bundle also includes Xfinity on Demand (movies/TV shows on demand) and access to Xfinity Streaming on TV, phone, laptop, or tablet.

X1 Starter Professional Double Play

X1 STARTER PRO DOUBLE PLAY: $75 per month for the first two years of a two-year commitment. Includes over 125 digital channels and Internet access with rates of up to 500 megabits per second. Additionally, complimentary access to millions of wifi hotspots.

X1 Favorite Triple Play

X1 PREFERRED TRIPLE PLAY: $110/mo. for the first 24 months of a 2 yr. agreement. Online purchases only. This package includes unlimited nationwide talk and text, more than 200 digital channels, and Internet access with speeds up to 500 mbps. Plus, free access to millions of wifi hotspots.

Comcast Growth

Cable companies have been faced with declining home cable TV subscriptions in recent years. Because of this, traditional cable TV operators have had to advance forward with mergers, acquisitions, or launching new streaming services, or risk being left behind. The recent growth in streaming companies like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and others helped motivate Comcast to purchase the UK’s SKY TV for $40 billion in 2018. In the deal, Comcast gains more subscribers, more content and more international reach.


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