What Can Make a Zipper Slide Easier?

Several common household materials, such as a graphite pencil, candle wax, or bar of soap, can be rubbed directly into a zipper’s contact points to lubricate them and prevent the zipper from becoming stuck. Sometimes zippers become jammed when strands of thread or small bits of cloth become entangled in the zipping mechanism. Getting rid of these impediments will also make the zipper easier to use.

All of the components of a brand-new zipper are calibrated properly, so they often perform smoothly. Due to regular use and cleaning, however, the zipper’s components become worn and rusted. This generates tiny gaps between the tracks and slider, resulting in frequent zipper issues such as a sticky zipper or one that does not secure the tracks.

The most popular and straightforward solution for a sticky zipper is to massage an open zipper with a graphite pencil. After running the pencil across the zipper tracks, open and close the zipper to determine if it has improved its zipping movement. Similarly, same method applies to candle wax and soap bars. Once the zipper is operating as smoothly as desired, remove any remaining residue. In addition to these materials, you can apply lip balm or a non-oil-based lubricant, such as glass cleaner.


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