What Can Make a Woman’s Lower Abdominal Area Flutter?

Pregnancy is the most prevalent cause of fluttering in a woman’s lower belly, according to SteadyHealth. Nerve endings can also induce fluttering, which can be noticed when a woman gives birth, has a related operation, or suffers a miscarriage. New nerve connections and endings are generated when nerves and scar tissue come together, which can cause fluttering, especially after a caesarean section. Fluttering can also be caused by digestive and systemic illnesses, such as acid reflux disease.

Gas, constipation, a hiatal hernia, tumours, cancer, and heartburn are all possible reasons of fluttering in a woman’s lower belly, according to SteadyHealth. Fluttering can be caused by ulcers, alcoholic liver disease, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, or pancreatic diseases in women. Fluttering in a woman’s belly might be caused by inflammation of the stomach lining, gall bladder, or diverticulum, as well as parasites. The fluttering sensation could originate in the colon and be caused by a cyst, blood vessel structural blockage, or arterial wall disturbance.

Over-exertion or over-exercising might produce fluttering, according to SteadyHealth. Twitching and sometimes painful spasms in the abdomen might occur if a woman has bad posture or sits for an extended amount of time. Women with thinner body types can feel arterial pulses more easily and frequently than women with bigger frames. These vascular pulses are most often felt if the fluttering is coordinated and similar to the woman’s heartbeat.


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