What Are You Hazards of Getting Gasoline in Your Eye?

The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry says that when gasoline gets into the eye, it can sometimes damage the cornea. Gasoline is not too bad for your eyes. In the event of a gasoline spill, the eye should be rinsed with water and emergency care should be sought.

Medline Plus says that the cornea is the clear lens that covers the front of the eye. When the eyes are irritated by a chemical irritant, they become temporarily blurry, painful, teary, and red. If an eye doctor thinks that the cornea has been hurt, they may put a fluorescent dye in the eye to show where the damage is.

Drugs.com says to rinse the eyes with the cleanest water possible and stay away from other chemicals when trying to get rid of the gasoline. If gasoline gets on the clothes, they should be taken off to keep the skin from getting worse.

Mayo Clinic says that one way to wash your eyes is to stand in the shower and point a gentle stream of water at them. Turn on warm water from a sink with a spout high enough to hold the head under it. Keep the eyelid open so that water can wash the gas out of the eye. You can also use a pitcher to slowly pour water into the eye while the person is lying in the bathtub. To keep the eye from getting irritated or hurt, people shouldn’t rub it.


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