What Are Typical Minivan Cargo Dimensions?

A normal minivan’s cargo space has dimensions of 61.5 to 66 inches in width, 84 to 85 inches in height from the rear door to the back of the driver’s seat, and 56.5 to 59 inches in height. The typical cargo capacity of a minivan is 142 to 149 cubic feet.

The Honda Odyssey, Chrysler Town & Country, Dodge Caravan, Volkswagen Routan, and Toyota Sienna are some examples of common minivans. Minivans feature higher ceilings and lower floors than many crossovers and SUVs, offering them extra cargo room.

Since the centre consoles of ordinary minivans are not fixed, individuals can transport longer cargo, like lumber, without having to open the back door or move the majority of the seats.


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