What Are the Universal Remote Codes for an ILO TV?

1054, 1133, 1168, 1169, 1206 and 1230 are the most frequent universal remote control codes for iLo televisions. The remote may be programmable using Code Syncing, which does not require a code, if none of the codes work.

To utilise Code Syncing, turn on the television, push the TV button on the remote, and then press and hold the Code Search or Program Search button until the LED light begins to flash. Next, continually push the power button until the television turns off. Immediately after turning off the television, press the Enter or Program button. This capability may be installed even if the remote control has a dedicated Code Syncing button.

To utilise Code Syncing with a remote that lacks a Code Search or Program Search button, turn on the television and push the TV button. Next, repeatedly push the Power or TV button until the television turns off. Enter or press the Program button. Restart the television using the remote, and verify that all the appropriate buttons, such as Vol+ and Ch-, function properly. The same processes can be done to control any IR-enabled device, including DVD players and sound systems. Simply press the appropriate source button instead of the TV button.


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