What Are the Terms of Agreement When Renting a Wheelchair From CVS?

There are no terms and conditions associated with wheelchair rental through CVS. Health, fitness, and pharmacy stores like CVS and Walgreens no longer rent wheelchairs. Since July 2015, these retailers sell wheelchairs exclusively to consumers.

While pharmacy merchants cannot offer wheelchair rentals, you can discover how to hire a wheelchair by visiting websites such as scootaround.com or mediequip.net.

In order to rent from MediEquip, a copy of a state ID or driver’s licence must be provided. The rental period commences when the equipment is collected or delivered. MediEquip gives instructions on how to utilise rental items and expects them to be returned in working order.

Scootaround gives specific terms to users who directly contact the company. This website also offers a wheelchair rental service, with delivery to the majority of states in the United States.

Mrwheelchair.com is another site with comparable rates and terms to these two. This vendor delivers wheelchairs exclusively to hotels.

Unofficially, many churches offer wheelchair rentals to churchgoers and relatives of churchgoers. Call a nearby church to inquire about renting or borrowing a wheelchair for a period of time. A rental or lending agreement is contingent on the church’s terms.


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