What Are the Specs of the Horton Yukon SL?

The Horton Yukon SL has a 150-pound draw weight and a camouflage pattern suitable for forest terrain. The crossbow also includes a battery-powered red laser and an attachment option for a scope.

For effective crossbow hunting, utilise a cocking device to increase the draw. A cocking device facilitates the drawback of a crossbow and is a determining factor in its accuracy. When you manually draw back the bow, you provide uneven strain to the limbs. However, with a cocking device, the draw is always consistent and calculated.

To maintain the crossbow, protect the strings and regularly inspect them for evident symptoms of wear and breakage. Dirt may increase friction and the rate of string wear, therefore keeping the strings clean is essential for the crossbow’s durability. Every 15 shots, lubricate the rail to prolong the life of the string, but prevent over-lubrication.

Even if the strings and wires are in excellent shape, they should be replaced as needed. Crossbow strings always deteriorate due to friction and abrasion, and you should replace them at the first indication of tearing or fraying. If the crossbow is utilised often, change the strings every two years.


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