What Are the Specifications for a 366 Chevy Engine?

The 366 Chevrolet engine is an eight-cylinder, six-liter engine with a 3.935-inch bore and a 3.76-inch stroke. At 4,400 rotations per minute, it has 300 horsepower. It is a tall-deck engine with a deck thickness of 0.4 inches.

The cylinder heads of the 366 Chevrolet engine are made of aluminium. It has four piston rings, and Chevrolet developed it from the start as a truck engine. This engine’s pistons feature a compression ratio of 9.4-to-1. The overhead valve system employs eight aluminum-headed cylinders. Each cylinder has two valves, increasing the total number of valves to 16.

The Chevy 366 engine develops 360 foot-pounds of torque and is equipped with a sequential, multi-port fuel injection system. It utilises unleaded normal fuel. The 366 Chevrolet engine has a 10,500-pound towing capacity. Gross Combination Weight Rating, which refers to the greatest amount of weight it can carry, is 16,000.

The 366 Chevy engine was manufactured by Chevrolet for school buses and medium-sized pickup vehicles. The Sierra 3500 and the GMC Silverado 2500 are two examples of cars equipped with this engine. In the mid-1990s, Chevy ceased production of the Chevy 366 engine.


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