What Are the Predators of the Panda?

Adult pandas are food for jackals and leopards, while the yellow-throated marten, a relative of the weasel, occasionally preys on panda cubs. Humans are the largest predators of pandas.

There are two species of panda bears: giant pandas and red pandas. The gigantic panda is black and white and may reach a height of 6.25 feet and a weight of 280 pounds. Their habitat is the bamboo thickets in the mountainous parts of southwest China, where they predominantly consume bamboo. Due to their size and their habitat’s uniqueness, adult giant pandas have few natural predators. However, panda cubs are essentially defenceless until they reach one year of age, at which point even enormous birds of prey are capable of hunting them.

Red pandas only measure 47 inches in length and weigh between 7 and 14 pounds. They inhabit the woodlands at high altitude. Their coat enables them to blend in with their environment. Due to this and the altitude of their environment, there are few natural predators of adult red pandas. However, birds of prey and tiny animals do prey on red panda cubs.

The most deadly predators for both big and red pandas are humans. Their habitats have been encroached upon by humans. Hunters have slaughtered animals for both their distinctive coats and their flesh. Deforestation for timber and land removal for agriculture are also threats to pandas. Therefore, both species of panda are endangered.


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