What Are the Pet Names for Grandma in Africa?

Jiddah and Jadd are examples of names for grandparents in Morocco, Nkuku and Ntatemogolo in Botswana, and Ambuya and Sekuru in the Shona language. Names vary according to the language, dialect, and country of origin of a family.

Kenyans are bilingual in English and Swahili. Grandmothers are called Bibi in Swahili, while grandfathers are called Babu. Grandparents have a vital part in Kenyan culture. They are tasked for transmitting knowledge and customs to future generations. Children’s sexual education is the responsibility of Kenyan grandmothers, who are highly revered as storytellers.

In northern Africa, Moroccan youngsters address their grandmothers and grandfathers as Jiddah and Jadd, respectively. In Islamic culture, the paternal grandpa is responsible for the care of fatherless children. Grandparents frequently reside with their children and form deep bonds with their grandkids. They help instil the ideals of love, loyalty, and obedience in their offspring.

Children in Botswana are bilingual in English and Setswana. Their grandparents are known as Nkuku and their grandfathers as Ntatemogolo. As a result of the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Botswana, many grandparents must care for their grandchildren. Due to this debilitating sickness, grandparents in this country play a crucial role in maintaining family traditions and raising the next generation.

In the Zulu language of South Africa, the words for grandma and grandfather are Ugogo and Ubabamkhulu, respectively. In the Afrikaans language, grandmothers are referred to as Ouma and grandfathers as Oupa. Grandparents in South Africa are revered family members who impart wisdom to their grandkids. South Africa, like Botswana, is decimated by HIV/AIDS, and grandparents frequently raise orphaned grandkids.


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