What Are the Natural Resources of Florida?

Florida’s beaches, fish, minerals, sugarcane, saw palmetto berries, and forests are some of its most important natural resources. Each one is very important to the economy of the state.

Florida has more continuous coastline than any other state in the U.S., which helps the local economy in a few ways. Florida’s biggest industry is tourism, and the subtropical climate and coastline are what bring in millions of people and billions of dollars every year. There are more than 663 miles of beaches along the coasts that can be used for recreation, and many hotels, restaurants, and other types of real estate have been built near them. On Florida’s coasts, there are also many ports that make it easier to bring goods in and out of the state.

Food from the coasts

The Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico are right next to the coasts of Florida. There are more freshwater springs in the state than in any other state in the country. The state has about 6,000 square feet of coastal and inland waters, most of which are full of fresh fish and other types of seafood. In 2016, 4.5 percent of all seafood caught in the U.S. came from this state. The top sources of income are shrimp, lobster, crab, grouper, mackerel, snapper, gag, mullet, oysters, tuna, and swordfish.


Mining is the third largest industry in the state, after agriculture and tourism. Phosphate and oil are the minerals that are mined the most. Most of the phosphate mining happens in Central Florida, just east of Tampa. Phosphate from Florida is mostly used to make fertiliser and agricultural supplements. It is also used to make toothpaste, soft drinks, light bulbs, shaving cream, film, vitamins, and some other consumer goods.

Citrus Fruit

Most of the oranges and orange juice that can be bought in the U.S. are grown in Florida. Even though citrus trees aren’t native to Florida, historians think that the Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon brought seeds there, and they grew well in the climate. Since then, they have been a part of the economy and landscape.


Even though it’s not a native plant, sugarcane grows naturally in all parts of Florida and can be used as a food source. It is thought that Christopher Columbus brought it to the area. It’s a big part of Florida’s agriculture industry now.


Florida’s forests are also an important natural resource. There are about 14 million acres of commercial forests in the state. These forests are full of both hard and soft trees that are used to make things. The 1,154,860 acres of protected state forests in Florida are also a place to have fun and learn. They have places to hike, ride horses, take scenic drives, watch birds, learn about wildlife, and camp.

Saw Palmetto Berries

Saw palmetto trees have berries that are often used in traditional and alternative medicine to treat prostate problems like an enlarged prostate, problems after prostate surgery, and swelling of the prostate. Most of the saw palmetto berries that are picked in the United States come from the wild saw palmetto trees in Florida. They are one of the state’s most common plants.


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