What Are the Names of Barbie’s Friends?

Since her introduction in 1959, Barbie has had a variety of different companions. Ken Carson, a doll that was introduced to the line in 1961, is her oldest pal. Midge Hadley was created in 1963 as Barbie’s first female companion. Other early Barbie companions include Christie, the line’s first African-American doll, and Stacey, a British teen.

Typically, Ken Carson is promoted as Barbie’s lover. In 2004, Mattel launched Blaine Gordon, a new Barbie-dating doll, as well as Summer, Blaine’s sister. In 2006, Ken was brought back into production.

Midge Hadley dolls have also been produced intermittently. The doll was revived in 1988, 2003, and 2013 with distinct face characteristics and narratives each time. Ken, Midge, and Summer are characters in the popular online series “Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse,” which premiered in 2012 and is still in production as of 2014. Teresa, Nikki, Raquelle, and Ryan are among Barbie’s other friends in the series. As of 2014, these characters are available as single dolls and in sets.

Barbie’s family has likewise evolved over time, with discontinued and replacement siblings. As of 2014, Skipper, who debuted in 1964, Stacie, who appeared in 1990, and Chelsea, who debuted in 2010, comprise Barbie’s family line-up.


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