What Are the Names and Personalities of Jeff Dunham’s Puppets?

As of 2015, the puppets of comedian Jeff Dunham are the old curmudgeon Walter, Achmed the Dead Terrorist, Jose Jalapeno on a Stick, the high-energy Peanut, and hillbilly Bubba J. Some of these characters include extra characters in their acts; for example, Achmed has a son named Achmed Jr., while Peanut interacts frequently with Jose. The comedian has permanently retired roles such as the African-American pimp Sweet Daddy Dee and Melvin the Superhero Guy.

Walter is often critical about everything, uses sarcasm regularly, and is notorious for his bad language. His catchphrase, “I don’t give a damn,” is a taunt directed towards Dunham or his audience. The figure has made an appearance in each of Dunham’s television specials.

Achmed the Dead Terrorist is a failed terrorist who burned himself to a skeleton while attempting to detonate an explosive device. Dunham employs this figure, whose catchphrase is “I keel you,” to lampoon modern terrorism. To his father’s dismay, Achmed’s son, who is partially burned from an explosion, speaks with a British accent and has no desire to become a suicide bomber.

Peanut is a hyperactive purple character with zero regard for others. His favourite targets are Jose, who he mocks for being on a stick, and himself, Dunham. Peanut also introduced the character Little Jeff, which allowed Dunham to effectively poke fun at himself.

Bubba J is a stereotyped trailer-park, white-trash character with a low IQ and a passion for beer and NASCAR. Dunham exaggerates the character’s incompetence by denying him even the ability to count to three.


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