What Are the Most Common Complaints About Ink Pixi?

The two most frequent complaints about Ink Pixi’s personalised t-shirts and caps were that they were too expensive and of subpar quality for the price. Since 2015, however, the reception has been largely positive.

T-shirts cost $20.99 and hats cost $19.99, while sweatshirts range in price between $28.99 and $39.99.

Other customer complaints include printer issues (such as off-center or skewed printing) and a lack of colour options. On occasion, colours differed from those depicted online and were brighter than anticipated.

Some consumers who wanted a straightforward or specialised shirt complained that there were too many possibilities. This resulted in a regular request from site visitors for more categories or keywords to make it easier to find what they desired without having to read through pages of unrelated content.

The biggest issue with the fabric’s quality was its thinness, which periodically tore or became see-through. In few instances, people complained that t-shirts and other garments shrunk after washing.

Some customers complained that the aprons were too tiny, while others commented that their t-shirts were too large. In addition, the caps are universally sized, and numerous guys complained that they ran a bit small. Buyers are advised to double-check the size chart before to finishing their purchase.


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