What Are the Main Differences Between Vikrell and Acrylic Showers?

The primary distinctions between Vikrell and acrylic showers are the materials used in their construction, their durability, and their chemical resistance. Vikrell is a resin-based plastic that contains a significant number of glass fibres, whereas acrylic showers are mostly composed of vacuum-formed acrylic plastic sheets that contain minor amounts of glass fibres.

Vikrell and acrylic showers are both relatively durable, lightweight, and inexpensive shower materials. Acrylic plastics react with specific chemicals in personal cleaning solutions, whereas Vikrell plastics do not.

Numerous shampoos, soaps, and body washes include acidic or basic compounds that can react with acrylic showers and discolour them over time. Due to the huge volume of glass fibres utilised in the production of Vikrell, the material is significantly more chemically inert than acrylic plastics; hence, Vikrell showers retain their colours for longer than acrylic showers.

Damaged acrylic showers present a significant disadvantage. It is not always possible to repair acrylic showers, and even when it is possible, the repairs are extremely costly. Vikrell, like other varieties of fibreglass, is comparatively simple and inexpensive to repair.


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