What Are the Ingredients in Chili’s Black Bean Burger?

The black bean burger at Chili is an alternative to a meat patty. It is mostly made of black beans. Beans, onions, parsley, bell peppers, and either cilantro or parsley are mixed together to make the patty. The patty is not vegan because it is also held together with egg. The black bean burger comes on a wheat roll and can be customised with ranch dressing, iceberg lettuce, and other toppings.

On top of the main ingredients, the black bean burger also has cayenne pepper, salt, and breadcrumbs to add flavor. The patty is cooked in vegetable oil and can be substituted for the beef patty in any of the other signature burgers. There are extra toppings like cheese, guacamole, pickles, and tomatoes that can be added, but some of them cost extra at the restaurant.

The black bean patty is a “guilt-free” option on the menu because it has more protein than a traditional beef burger and much less fat. It also has less calories than a lot of other things on the menu.

The burger is neither vegan nor vegetarian in the strictest sense. Chili’s warns customers that the kitchen also cooks meat, so they can’t promise that the black bean burger doesn’t come in contact with meat or meat products. Also, the burger comes with French fries, which are cooked in the same oil as meat, so they aren’t a good choice for vegetarians. Diners can get a salad instead of the fries if they want.


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