What Are the “Gangster Disciples'” Distinctive Tattoos?

The “Gangster Disciples” can be recognised by their distinctive tattoos, which include a six-pointed star, an eight ball, three triangle-shaped dots, pitchforks, a dice with the number six on it, a heart with wings, and an upside-down cane. The significance of inked characters and numbers is similarly complex.

Certain tattoos represent gang affiliation with the Gangster Disciples. They might also serve to document violent crimes or symbolise a certain religious system. The six-pointed star is used by the gang because its members are drawn to the number six, which is also why the die is displaying a six.

The number six is meant to stand for life, love, loyalty, wisdom, respect, and understanding. Gang members frequently get tattoos just using the number 6. Using pitchforks and canes that are upside down to disrespect rival gangs. An eight ball depicts a partnership with the Crips, another gang.

The Gangster Disciples also get their bodies inked with the gang’s initials, GD. As an alternative, they employ numerals, such as 7 for G and 4 for D, to symbolise the alphabet. Brothers of the Struggle and Brothers of the Strong Struggle are denoted by the initials BOS and BOSS in tattoos, respectively.

The Folk Nation, an association of Chicago-based street gangs, including the Gangster Disciples. Tattoos can include additional symbols, numerals, and letters in addition to the typical heart with wings seen in all Folk Nation sets.


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