What Are the Five Basic Relationships in Confucianism?

Ruler and subject, father and son, husband and wife, older brother and younger sibling, and elder friends and junior friends are the five relationships in Confucianism. The partnerships are founded on a Confucian principle that emphasises that a strong spiritual life starts at home.

Confucianism has a notion called li that specifies how practitioners should order their priorities in life. The Confucian idea of Li, which is based on Confucius’s view that an organised society was necessary for a flourishing life, encompasses the five connections.

Confucius believed that loyal citizens and kind rulers go hand in hand. When a father is kind to his kid, the son also shows respect for him. A husband should treat his wife well, and she should be submissive to her spouse.

Younger siblings should show consideration for their older siblings, and older siblings should do the same for younger siblings. Last but not least, friends ought to show consideration for and respect for one another.

On the basis of these ideas, Confucius thought it was possible for people to develop ideal relationships with everyone they came into contact with throughout their life. Three of the five relationships are familial, highlighting the importance of family in Confucianism.


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