What Are the Different Subway Soups of the Day?

As its soup of the day, Subway offers a variety of rotating soup options. This dish consists of beef chilli, black bean, broccoli cheddar, creamy chicken and dumplings, and creamy wild rice. The menu also includes chicken noodle soup, loaded baked potatoes, poblano corn chowder, Thai coconut, and tomato basil.

The variety of soups available in Subway restaurants varies by location. There are no designated days for serving each soup. It is up to individual restaurants to decide which soups to offer on a particular day. Some Subway shops provide a second soup option in addition to the daily soup special.

Unfortunately, there is no internet information on Subway soups and food sensitivities or dietary restrictions. Customers can use the “contact us” form on Subway.com to receive answers to specific queries about soup ingredients or to learn more about the soup options offered at a local Subway.

A single serving of soup comes in a bowl that holds 8 ounces. The home-style chicken noodle soup is the lowest-calorie soup available at Subway restaurants. Additional nutritional information for all Subway soups is available at Subway.com and in all Subway restaurants.


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