What Are the Consequences of Using Bosley Hair Care Products?

According to Drugs.com, some Bosley hair products can cause side effects such as chills, cold sweats, and itching. Propecia and Bosley Professional Strength for Men and Women are two Bosley hair products that may cause side effects.

Propecia is a prescription-only drug that prevents the formation of DHT, a key factor in hair loss, according to Bosley. The drug slows hair thinning and is intended for people who are experiencing hair loss in its early stages. It’s also FDA-approved, and it’s been shown to help men with hair loss. According to Drugs.com, the drug’s active ingredient, finasteride, can cause side effects such as chills, cold sweats, confusion, dizziness, and lightheadedness. Bloating, breast enlargement, hives, itchy skin, and weight gain or loss are some of the less typical side effects of the medicine.

According to Bosley, both men’s and women’s Bosley Professional Strength hair treatments contain minoxidil, a topical chemical recognised by the FDA to help with hair loss. When administered topically, minoxidil might induce side effects such as itchy skin or a rash, which should be reported to a doctor. Acne, scalp burning, increased hair loss, swelling of the face, blurred vision, chest pain, fainting, and headache are all possible side effects of the medicine.


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