What Are Some Ways to View a Flight Confirmation With Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines will send you a confirmation email for your flight, or you can go to Spirit.com and click “Manage Travel” at the top of the home page. To see the confirmation on the Spirit website, you need to know the traveler’s last name and confirmation code.

The six-digit confirmation code for Spirit Airlines tickets can be found near the top of the confirmation email or right below the Check-In Online link in the email that reminds you to check in. If you buy your plane ticket through Expedia, the confirmation code will be shown below the word “Confirmed” in the blue bar that shows your itinerary.

You can find Priceline confirmation codes in the section called “Airline Confirmation Numbers,” which is right below the section called “Flight Numbers.” Under “Airline Confirmation” in “Flight Summary,” you can find CheapoAir confirmation codes. Under the heading Record Locator, you can find the confirmation code for tickets that you bought through Orbitz. If you buy a ticket from another site, the confirmation code may be used as a record locator.

When you click Continue, a page called “Reservation Summary” comes up. It shows the confirmation code, the date of the booking, and the status. If you click the “View Your Receipt” link, you can get more information. On the Reservation Summary page, you can also cancel a reservation. On the Spirit Airlines website, you can also check in and get up-to-date information about your flight.


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