What Are Some Things That Come in a Dozen?

Eggs, flowers, and donuts are examples of commodities that are commonly marketed or packaged in sets of 12, sometimes known as a dozen. Because the number 12 is easily divided into halves, thirds, and fourths, many manufacturers package regularly used items by the dozen.

Mesopotamians were perhaps the first people to adopt the number 12 as a unit of measurement. Due to the fact that each human finger has three joints, it is possible to count to twelve on one hand using only the thumb. Because each year consisted of approximately 12 lunar cycles, the number 12 also held symbolic significance in the ancient world.

When producers offer products in bulk, it is usual for the items to be bundled into larger sets. Twelve dozens constitute a gross, while twelve gross constitute a big gross.

The term “baker’s dozen” is sometimes used to refer to a collection of thirteen baked delicacies. In the 13th century, when the penalty for defrauding clients was amputation of a hand, the practise of providing an extra item originated. To eliminate the possibility of losing a hand as a result of incorrect measurements, bakers placed an additional item in each dozen.


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