What Are Some Theories About Why Judy Crowell Left QVC?

In 2003, Judy Crowell supposedly left QVC due to her marriage to her colleague of six years, Paul Deasy. Together, they accepted hosting roles at HSN, the Home Shopping Network, and went to St. Petersburg, Florida, to broadcast from their facilities.

Judy Crowell was previously married to her ex-colleague Jeffrey Hewson. The two QCV hosts wed in April 1992, and Hewson filed for divorce and quit the show three months later. According to the biography “It’s Better to Laugh…” by Kathy Levine, Hewson filed for divorce just before Judy Crowell went on the air. Kathy was instructed by Crowell not to cry and to continue hosting the show as professionally as possible. Hewson afterwards sold his story to the National Enquirer, stating that he left QCV due to his ex-wife Judy Crowell’s jealousy. In addition, he said that soon following the breakup, Crowell began spreading cruel allegations that he was homosexual and had a severe drinking problem. Judy Crowell has never responded to her ex-charges. spouse’s Judy Crowell and Paul Deasy both opted to depart HSN in the end. Crowell left in April 2008, while Deasy left in December 2007. Since 2015, the duo has been employed by ShopNBC, a different home shopping network.

Judy Crowell was born in Tokyo, Japan on April 1st. Due to her father’s military service, Crowell grew up in four different nations and twelve different states. Before graduating from an international high school in Belgium, she attended high schools in Virginia and Germany. Florida State University awarded her with a Bachelor of Science in communications. Prior to entering the world of televised shopping, Judy worked in electronic journalism.


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