What Are Some Televisions Made in America?

Olevia, Silo Digital, Phillips Magnavox, Panasonic, and Vizio all make TVs in the United States. Some TV makers put together a small number of their TVs in the United States, while others run their whole businesses from there.

Olevia is a company based in the United States that makes LCD and LED TVs. LCD TVs have screens that are 32 or 42 inches, while LED TVs have screens that are anywhere from 22 to 42 inches. Vizio is another company based in California that makes LCD and LED TVs as well as other TV parts. It has LCD and LED TVs that are between 16 and 50 inches. Vizio’s LED televisions have 3D capabilities.

The main office of Sharp Electronics Corporation is in New Jersey, but a branch of the company is in Japan. It makes and sells LED and LCD TVs that are up to 80 inches in size. The company also makes things that go with TVs, like Blu-ray and DVD players. Silo Digital makes TVs and monitors for computers. LED models from this company range in size from 24 to 47 inches, while LCD models go from 32 to 55 inches.

Panasonic is based in Japan, but it has a factory in the United States. Most of the models are put together in Malaysia, but some are also put together in the United States. One good example is the 20-inch TV that also has a VCR.


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