What Are Some Substitutes for Spicy Brown Mustard?

Horseradish, turmeric, and chilli peppers can be used instead of spicy brown mustard. Most types of mustard can be used in the same recipe, but the end result may be slightly different.

Mustards that are already made are made with ground mustard seeds, a variety of spices and flavourings, and an acid like vinegar or alcohol. Different brands use different amounts of spices, so spicy brown mustard can have many different tastes. This makes it easy to switch out with something else.

Brown mustard is bolder and has more flavour than yellow mustard, which is not as spicy. It’s known for how hot and sharp it is. A good replacement should be able to heat up the same way. Horseradish has a strong flavour that goes well with other things. If you just want the taste of spicy brown mustard, you can add prepared horseradish or grind up some fresh horseradish root and add it to the recipe. Sour cream can be mixed with horseradish if the texture is also what you want.

In some recipes, you can use one kind of mustard instead of another. For example, Dijon mustard, which has a sharp taste like spicy brown, can be used as a substitute. To make yellow mustard hotter, you can add things like chilli peppers, turmeric, and garlic salt. Allspice, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg can help make the flavour more complete. When switching mustards, it’s important to remember that the recipe won’t taste exactly the same. But this can lead to new discoveries and fun experiments.


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