What Are Some Sports Awards That Are Funny?

Some amusing sports honours include the “Selective Hearing Impairment Award” for not listening to the coach, the “Loch Ness Award” for missing practise, and the “Wormburner Award for Tearing Up the Fairway.” A certificate or a comical trophy might add to the award’s hilarity.

Sport-specific awards, such as the “Human Mop Award for Most Likely to Get Pushed Around the Mat” and “One Second Tan Award for Most Time Spent Staring at the Lights” for wrestling and the “Point Guard Award for Running with the Ball” for basketball, are available at FunAwards.com. Other accolades, such as the “Running with the Bulls Award” for the team’s risk taker and the “Ric Flair Award” for the team’s dirtiest player, are more broad and can be used in any sport.

As seen on NoveltyTrophies.com, funny trophy ideas include a diapered infant for the “Cry Baby Award,” a rooster for the “Cockiness Award,” and a skunk for the “You Stink Award.” CrownAwards.com recommends trophies for the “Better Luck Next Time” and “Not Even Close” honours.

Simple honours like “Best Fall,” “Biggest Mouth,” “Biggest Oops,” “Least Improved Player,” “Most Valuable Player,” and “Best Bench Warmer” may elicit chuckles.


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