What Are Some Phrases for Win, Lose or Draw?

The words “Kick the bucket,” “money speaks,” “cabin fever,” “fork in the road,” “out on a limb,” “Mother Earth,” “a watched pot never boils,” and “the cold shoulder” are used in the Win, Lose, or Draw game. The cards included in the Milton Bradley game contain phrases. The original version of the 1987 board game based on the television show included more than 1,000 phrases.

Win, Lose or Draw, a form of charades, is a wonderful game to play on New Year’s Eve. Players can organise events from the past year into categories, such as movies, novels, and television episodes.

The game requires players to divide into two teams of at least six individuals and use a whiteboard and coloured markers. To prepare for the game, gather a list of significant events that have occurred in the past year. Newspapers, magazines, and the Internet should be consulted for information. Print the events on pieces of paper to be used as drawing prompts for the party game.

After splitting the players into two teams, roll dice to determine who will go first. The value of the die determines who makes the decision. A one-minute timer or hourglass can be used to sketch clues.

When drawing hints, no words, numbers, or letters are permitted. However, it is permitted to use symbols such as an arrow, exclamation point, plus sign, and dollar sign. Sketchers are unable to communicate while drawing. However, an ear can be drawn adjacent to a sketch of a phrase that rhymes to communicate the words “sounds like.”


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