What Are Some Nicknames for a Great-Grandmother?

Gran, Granny, Mammaw, Nana, and Mima are all nicknames for great-grandmothers. To minimise confusion, select a nickname for the great-grandmother that is distinct from those given to the child’s other grandmothers and great-grandmother.

Often, nicknames for grandmothers and great-grandmothers are based on names that youngsters create themselves or on versions of “grandma” that are easier for young children to say. Some grandmothers believe that the term “grandma” makes them sound older than they actually are, therefore they pick an alternative moniker.

Choose a conventional or current nickname for a great-grandmother, such as Mammy, Gammy, Mimsy, Nonna, or Coco, Bella, GG, Neema, or Pippa. Choose a moniker with an international flavour, such as Oma in German, Busha in Polish, Bomma in Flemish, or Teta in Arabic. Hawaiian grandma nicknames are Puna, TuTu or Kuku. Ya is a Thai grandmother’s name.

Consider the nicknames of famous grandmothers for ideas. Grandchild of Goldie Hawn refers to her as “Glamma.” The grandchildren of the actress Blythe Danner prefer Lalo. In addition to Booma, Bunny, GoMa, Lula, and Nooni, other humorous great-grandmother nicknames include Booma, Bunny, GoMa, and Nooni. Lovey, Sunny, Tootsie, Cookie, and GoGo are more options for playfulness.

Many households distinguish between grandmothers and great-grandmothers by prefixing “Grandma” with a first name. If no other nickname is appropriate for a Mary-named great-grandmother, for example, use Grandma Mary.


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