What Are Some Legal Implications of Watching Movies on Afdah?

The Afdah.tv website aggregates movies from all over the Internet, many of which are illegally stored on other websites. According to FindLaw, watching these movies falls into a legal grey area.

Afdah.tv prominently displays on the sidebar of each page that it does not host any of the movies that it indexes. As a result, Afdah.tv is not responsible for the legality or illegality of the films that users can locate and view on the website. If unlawfully uploaded content is indexed, the hosting service is responsible for that content.

Viewers of lawful or illegal content on Afdah are generally protected from legal action. According to FindLaw, streamed video content is either offered as a temporary complete duplicate of the movie or is removed incrementally as it is viewed. This renders the content “transient” and uncopyable in the eyes of copyright law, exempting the viewer from liability. Nonetheless, some courts have determined that such transitory copies are also unlawful.

FindLaw argues further that the MPAA and other copyright holders rarely pursue legal action against users of streaming video because it is difficult to locate and punish them. In the view of the law, illicit content distributors, particularly huge streaming services, are significantly more likely to be prosecuted.


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