What Are Some Fruit Juices That Aren’t Acidic?

Although no fruit juice is fully acid-free, some fruit juices, such as apple, apricot, peach, and plum juices, have less acid than others. Tropicana also produces an orange juice with a low acid content.

One of the least acidic fruit juices available is apple juice. An apple is one of the fruits with the lowest acid content. Dilute apple juice with water or add a couple of ice cubes to a glass to reduce the acidity even more.

Apricot and peach juices are two other forms of drinks with low acid content, especially when contrasted to highly acidic liquids like tomato and cranberry juice. Another low-acidic fruit is the plum, which also has a low-acidic juice.

Citrus juice has the highest acid content of any fruit juice and should be avoided by individuals who can’t manage a lot of acid in their diet. Tropicana, on the other hand, sells an orange juice that contains all of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients found in conventional orange juice but is less acidic.

In addition to fruit juices, several vegetable juices, such as cucumber, carrot, and cabbage juices, are low in acid. Aloe vera juice is another example of a low-acid juice.


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