What Are Some Examples of Literary Conventions?

Literary conventions are characteristics or practises of particular genres that readers or audiences comprehend, identify, and accept as plot-advancing strategies. The standard plot of several romance novels is around a male and female protagonist who overcome obstacles and misunderstandings to fall in love.

Standardized characters are a convention in literature and play. The Elizabethan heroine masquerading as a man, the hero’s confidante, the hard-boiled detective, the strong, quiet cowboy, the girl next door, the mystery stranger in town, the cruel stepmother, and the attractive prince are all examples. In accordance with mystery crime fiction norms, a body must appear within the first three chapters. As the plot continues, other killings occur. The author presents skillfully concealed clues, and the perpetrators are brought to justice at the end of the novel, notably due to the talents of the protagonist detective.


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