What Are Some Examples of Limited Resources?

Coal, nuclear power, natural gas, metal ores, and oil are some examples of restricted resources. Essentially, limited resources are those that require a considerable amount of time to refill. Unlimited or renewable resources, such as water, wind, and soil, are the antithesis of limited resources.

Important for economic sustainability yet available in limited quantities, restricted resources are those things that are available in limited quantities. Although these resources could potentially be restored, it would take thousands of years for them to be replaced.

Coal, which occurs naturally in particular regions of the Earth, is a good example of restricted resources. Coal is the consequence of the decomposition of live beings subjected to severe temperatures and pressures over aeons of time. Metal ores, natural gas, oil, and valuable stones such as gold and diamond are additional examples of nonrenewable finite resources because they are found in extremely small quantities.

The utilisation of renewable resources has been advocated in recent years since it is simpler to replenish such resources. Renewable resources are also environmentally benign, meaning they have no detrimental influence on the environment compared to finite resources. To produce energy, renewable resources such as water, wind, and the sun have been utilised.


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