What Are Some Examples of Being Fair?

Playing by the rules, taking turns, sharing, and listening to others are all examples of being fair. Other examples include having an open mind and giving everyone the same chance to achieve.

Fairness fosters integrity and respect for others while strengthening one’s own character. The ideal role models for fairness should be parents who treat their kids with respect. Since children follow their parents and frequently want to be just like them, parents should model behaviour for them and urge their kids to do the same.

Rules should be easy to understand or available for everyone to follow in order to be fair. If regulations aren’t made clear, people may break them unintentionally and receive unfair punishment.

For instance, it would be unreasonable to punish a student for wearing shorts to school if there was no explicit written or verbal regulation prohibiting this behaviour. Instead of offering some people unfair, preferential treatment in the event of a rule infringement, it is fair to establish a uniform disciplinary procedure for everyone.

Other instances of fairness include carefully weighing all available information before making a choice. People can make ethical decisions by weighing the advantages and disadvantages of various actions or choices.


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