What are some examples of automobiles that begin with the letter “X”?

The X1, the X3, the X4, the X5, and the X6 are BMW’s sport-utility vehicles. The Citroen Xsara, Xantia, and XM are produced by Citroen, while Nissan produces the X Trail and X Terra.

Since 1968, the Jaguar XJ has been the company’s flagship model. Jaguar automobiles use the “X” designation to indicate that they are experimental, and as a result, their model numbering scheme has not always been rational. This is owing to the fact that some projects do not make it to the final stage of production.

Because of the variances in the pronunciation of “X” in different locations, it is becoming more typical for a “X” to be used as a prefix rather than as part of a name.


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