What Are Some Equivalents to the G13A Battery?

Vinnic L1154, NEDA 1166, and any manufacturer’s A13 or AG13-labeled battery are compatible replacements for the G13A battery. This battery is labelled A76 by Duracell, Energizer, Rayovac, Phillips, and Eveready, and may have a prefix such as Kodak’s KA76. Maxell, Panasonic, and Sony all use the designation LR44.

The G13A battery is a 1.5-volt button-cell alkaline battery designed for general usage in watches, calculators, and medical devices. It measures 11.6 millimetres in diameter and 5.4 millimetres in thickness and is not rechargeable. It is a less expensive alternative to silver oxide batteries with great capacity and extended life. Silver oxide substitutes are high-drain and may bear the same numeric designations as their alkaline counterparts or a RW22, RW82, Timex J, or 357 label.


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