What Are Some Details Surrounding John Osteen’s Marriage?

In the mid-1950s, the late Pastor John Osteen married Dodie Osteen; the couple had five children and founded Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. They were married for over 44 years, and all of their children became ministers.

The children of John and Dodie Osteen are Paul, Lisa, Tamara, April, and Joel. John has an extra son, Justin Osteen, with his first wife, Emma Jean Shaffer. John and Emma Jean were divorced before he married Dodie.

John and his wife launched Lakewood Church on Mother’s Day in 1959. Dodie continues to service inside the church with their son Pastor Joel Osteen, who, as of 2015, co-pastors the church with his wife Victoria Osteen. Two of their other children, Lisa Comes and Dr. Paul Osteen, also minister at Lakewood Church.

In addition to founding Lakewood Church, John and Dodie Osteen presented a 100-country weekly television programme. Dodie authored “Healed of Cancer,” a book on her experience surviving liver cancer after her doctors had given up hope for her recovery. John authored more than 45 religious books. John perished in 1999.


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